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Events, activities, walks and much more on segway

Any significant event is advertising. No matter what goals organizer. To hold a memorable event that memorable to all present and receive great attention in the press, you can use segway.

If you want an original way to hold a wedding or celebrating some significant event in your life, you will help Segway. Riding on this vehicle will deliver many wonderful minutes of your guests and just entertain them. Get Segway rental is easy and quite affordable.

Segway - the perfect solution for your studio. You will not only be transferred instantly from one point to another, without spending while no physical effort, but also be able to shoot with segway. Dynamic scenes become more believable and spectacular, in fact Segway is very maneuverable, noiseless and quickly picks up speed, while, in contrast to a car or motorcycle, and more compact. Segway environmentally friendly, it runs on electricity, in that it can be used indoors.

You can take the Segway easy to go to favorite places in the city or outside it. Or you can take an Segway excursion St. Petersburg.

Terms of rental:
Rental price of one segway (in office) - 1500 rubles. per hour.
Rental price of one segway (delivery) - 1500 rubles. per hour + delivery(price varies)
Minimum time - 1 hour.
If you want to take a Segway without escort, then we'll take you to bail - two documents on one person (eg: passport and driver's license) and 5000 rubles.
If you do not want or can not leave a deposit, then you will leave our attendant whose services are included in the rent.
For shops, supermarkets, country houses, hotels, tourist camps have a special offer. Contract with us, and offer your customers Segway rental, while receiving a commission. We will deliver your Segway to you, as well as instructors who will train your clients.

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