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  • Designed for easy operation over normal terrain
  • Available in gloss white, anodized black, and new metallic sage
Price: 12890 USD
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i2 Commuter

  • For everyday ride
  • Designed especially for ride to work or school, for outside or inside ride
Price: 13686 USD
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i2 Cargo

  • More cargo capacity than the i2 Commuter
  • Givi trunk provides save keeping
Price: 13949 USD
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  • Provides enhanced performance on varied terrain
  • All-terrain tires and wider track
Price: 13990 USD
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x2 Adventure2

  • Power and size suitable for bad roads
  • Suitable for sightseeing and countryside trips
Price: 14689 USD
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x2 Turf

  • Low-pressure tires provide a smooth ride on every surface
  • Scratchproof splashboards
Price: 14689 USD
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x2 Golf

  • Designed for golf players
  • Tire tread doesn’t trample the grass
Price: 15559 USD
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i2 Patroller

  • Two reflector colors – white and yellow
  • Two versions: security and police*
  • *French, Spanish, Italian and German police departments are already using it
Price: 15559 USD
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x2 Patroller

  • For rough country ride
  • Two reflector colors – white and yellow
  • Two legend versions: security and police
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