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About Segway

First we weren’t sure how to call the device. This is not a scooter. Nor an electric vehicle. This is even not a piece of Star Wars properties, though it might look like that.
Segway PT is compact, fast, easy to operate, doesn’t require any proficiency. It’s maneuvering ability surpasses either bicyclist or pedestrian. Segway PT swiftly turns and speeds up. It works on electricity which means that Segway PT can be charged with a PC cord and a socket. It’s ecofriendly and noiseless. All in all – it’s a hi-tech modified human model, a new evolution level: Segway PT - homo in rotis, a man on the wheels!
The Segway PT can take you places that a car or bicycle can’t — including inside many stores, warehouses, exhibition halls, airports, elevators, through the city rush, narrow streets, in the parks and recreation zones, on the city sightseeing tours. That’s not all! Segway PTs can travel as far as 40 km on a single battery charge, depending on terrain, payload, and riding style.
The second you step on, five micro-machined gyroscopes and two accelerometers sense the changing terrain and your body position at 100 times per second – faster than your brain can think.
You’ll need just a few minutes to fully get the feel of your Segway PT and cover any distance with it.
LeanSteer Technology
If Segway PTs were intuitive before, they’re positively instinctive now, thanks to the latest innovation known as LeanSteer technology. The LeanSteer frame and handlebar tilt left and right in response to your body’s natural inclination to lean into the direction you want to travel. With LeanSteer technology, the Segway PT seems to anticipate your every move, and adjusts to your slightest whim.
Segway engineers call it “closed-loop dynamic stability control.” You can call it magic.
InfoKey controller – total control
It’s a key. It’s an information center. It’s an alarm device. And each wireless InfoKey controller is uniquely programmed to start and lock a specific Segway PT. Slip your InfoKey controller into the dock on the LeanSteer frame, slip it in your pocket, or wear it on a lanyard around your neck. Powered on, it provides real-time info on battery life, speed, and system performance.
Every Segway PT has a built-in anti-theft system. Just press the security button on your InfoKey controller. If someone attempts to move your Segway PT in any way, an alarm will sound, your Segway PT will start vibrating, the wheels will lock. A visual alert will be sent wirelessly to your InfoKey controller.
Power source
The Segway PT is powered by a pair of lithium-ion batteries that automatically recharge when you ride downhill. Full charge takes 8 hours. If you are travelling and the battery needs a recharge - just plug your Segway PT into any wall outlet 220V. It takes about 15 minutes to get enough charge to travel 1.6 km.
It’s trustworthy
The Segway PT’s platform features balance indicators that let you know it’s safe to step on. The green light on indicators means that the Segway PT is ready to move. Multiple redundant subsystems work continuously to ensure that you remain balanced and come to a safe, controlled stop in the unlikely event of a component failure. If critical systems malfunction, your Segway PT will alert you with a vibration of the platform, an audio signal, and details on your InfoKey controller.

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