Dean Kamen /Segway founder/
      The first Segway PT was presented at December 3rd 2001. This extraordinary vehicle had neither a gearbox nor a brake or a handlebar. However there was a computer, sensor and gyroscope system between the wheels. One tiny movement, operator drift – and the vehicle swiftly reacts. Forward lean – and you move forward, backward lean – and you stop. What can be easier-to-use!

The first serial Segway PT was officially presented in 2002. The earliest Segway PT models HT i167 and i180 had a fixed handlebar column. The steering was held by turning accelerator handlebars. Nevertheless they were way behind the advanced models.

There were a lot of different Segway PT variations and modifications released during the next 8 years. If you are interested in gadgets, you’ve surely heard about the invalid chair iBOT, the same technology military bot, Segway with a seat, Segway for children and other models.

All the advanced models have been released in 2006. These are Segway i2 and x2. The first one is all-purpose, the second one is designed for rough country ride.

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