Promotion in motion
  • advertising companies and promotions on segway

  • exhibition with the segway

  • a birthday, wedding, corporate

  • walk in St. Petersburg

  • for the movie studios and cinematographers

  • for hotels, tourist camps, country hotels

Attract the attention of visitors to the promotions, or simply provide ease and convenience of movement of customers to your country hotel or a hotel can be the most incredible way - using cutting-edge vehicle. Yet few have seen Segway, what to say - very few people heard of him. Take advantage of it, become a "trendsetter" in the industry. After all, Segway is perfect for various events, advertising campaigns, exhibitions, studios and hotels. Its scope - anywhere you want mobility, speed and comfort.
Worldwide Segway has become an inherent part of exhibitions, events and recreation. Just imagine how much profit you can extract from the lease segveya, and contact. We, in turn, guarantee you a pleasant service, complex service and guaranteed quality product.

Remember: the world's leading companies already use the Segway. Please contact us and win!

Представительство официального дистрибьютора Segway PT

The official representative of the distributor's Segway

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