Major route

Our fascinating tour starts on Konnogvardeysky boulevard. Passing by The Senate and the Synod buildings, right to the famous Peter the I statue, «The Bronze Horseman», named after the so-called poem by Alexander Pushkin. After that we are heading to the Twelve Colleges building, across the Admiralteyskaya Embankment of the river Neva, to see even more: University Embankment architectural complex, Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange and Rostral Columns and, perhaps the most enjoyable sight of the river Neva. Heading further, along the Hermitage building, we will reach the Winter Channel Embankment, passing the famous Atlantes and to the Palace Square, where we can see the Alexander Column, General Staff Building and Admiralty. Past the State Chapel building and Pushkin Memorial flat we will reach the Church on the Spilled Blood – the most fascinating memorial of eclectic architecture of the city. Next, to the Arts Square, past the genuine arts treasury – Russian museum, across the Italian bridge, along the Griboedov Channel Embankment, we will head right to the Kazan Cathedral, the greatest cultic memorial building in Saint-Petersburg. And then, across the Bank bridge, one of the pendant bridges in Saint-Petersburg, famous for the 4 gryphon statues, guarding it, we will reach the Isaak’s quare, where we can also see the Mariinsky Palace, Nicolas the I statue, and, of course, the greatest monumental architecture memorial ever – Isaak Cathedral.

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Brief route

If you do not have enough time for sightseeing, there is a solution for you – a brief route. It’s a lighter variant of a major route: it goes the same way to the Palace Square, but after that you will be headed to the Isaak’s Square across the Admiralty and Admiralteysky Garden, past the “musical” or “dancing” fountain, which spurt height vary with the music tempo.

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